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Used Mitsubishi RVR for sale in Kenya 

Mitsubishi RVR: Built to Fulfill the Daily Driving Needs for Recreation

Mitsubishi RVR is the range of cars under the honorable flagship of Mitsubishi that has started life back in 1991 to 2002. The initial first generation model of Mitsubishi RVR was classified as a compact multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). Later on the vehicle evolved into a subcompact crossover SUV. RVR is a recreational activity vehicle where the RVR stands for “Recreational Vehicle Runner”. Initially it was a tall wagon, and an off road model that was exclusively designed and developed to accommodate people having outdoor oriented lifestyle.


An Iconic Off Road Legend

New or used Mitsubishi RVR for sale in Kenya would be an incredibly adequate motoring solution for people heading towards a grand adventure or a small errand. From features like all-wheel-drive functionality to powerful engine and superior handling every inch of the design details promises to deliver an efficient ride experience. The impressive and stylish outward visibility suggests it is a perfect combination of confidence and style. Superior engineering expertise, abundance of comfort and convenience in this beautifully designed subcompact SUV is allowing it to meet or exceed buyer expectations. 

Fuel Efficient and Affordable

Used Mitsubishi RVR for sale in Kenya is categorizing as a useful, fuel efficient and the most affordable motoring legend on road. Ever since the launch it has gone through several changes in power configurations. The 2.0-liter four cylinder engines with continuously variable transmission and plenty of other dashes and controls are enabling it to accelerate with great efficiency and agility. Mileage and economy, with long service intervals and a decent warranty is making it a good value for money alternate. Used Mtsubishi RVR price in Kenya ranges between KES 850,000 to KES 1,000,000, which is making it reasonable as well as economical motoring legend in its range. 

Safe, Comfortable and Convenient

Mitsubishi RVR is an off road or incredibly adequate motoring solution to support people living with an adventurous lifestyle. With the seating capacity for five individuals, the vehicle is greatly emphasized on fuel economy and low emissions. Plenty of safety enhancing aspects and the driver assistance amenities are integrated to ensure an up market ride experience. Intuitively designed dashboard and plenty of easy to used dashes and controls let the owner to enjoy a comfortable, exciting but controlled ride experience on road. Used Mitsubishi RVR for sale in Kenya let the user to share the happy moment of thrill and excitement together while riding. Features like airbags, ABS, blind spot monitoring and rigid and reliable body structure instill a great sense of confidence and safety among driver as well as passenger.



Among several small sport-utility vehicles and crossover wagons, Mitsubishi RVR with all dashes and controls successfully managed to stand out. Even used Mitsubishi RVR for sale in Kenya is reaping massive sales success for being bold, beautiful and quite exceptional motoring legend on road. 

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