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Bmw X1 2016/0 Reserved
Bmw X1 2016/0


FOB: USD 9,200
FOB: KES 1,177,600
StockID: 36116
Bmw X1 2016/9 Reserved
Bmw X1 2016/9


FOB: USD 10,000
FOB: KES 1,280,000
StockID: 35633
Mazda  2017/7 Reserved
Mazda 2017/7


FOB: USD 11,800
FOB: KES 1,510,400
StockID: 35482
Mazda Cx-5 2016/4
Mazda Cx-5 2016/4


FOB: USD 7,000
FOB: KES 896,000
StockID: 35356
Lexus  2017/0 Reserved
Lexus 2017/0

LX570 4WD Rear Entertainment Mark Levinson 

FOB: USD 7,780,000
FOB: KES 995,840,000
StockID: 35022
Toyota  2016/6 Reserved
Toyota 2016/6

Base grade 

FOB: USD 23,000
FOB: KES 2,944,000
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Used SUV Cars for Sale in Kenya

Used SUV Cars: Fulfilling the Daily Driving Needs 

SUV is a sports utility vehicle that looks quite reminiscent to estate cars and station wagon. Rugged outlook and off-road driving are quite distinct aspects of vehicles in this category. Even used SUVs for sale are gaining huge popularity among masses for being a better transporting option for individuals with growing families. 

Evolution of SUVs

All credit goes to jeeps and Landover to kick start the SUV trend in the global automotive industry. Jeep Cherokee launched in 1884 is considered the first real commercial SUV. It is a unique blend of expansive cargo, affordability and outstanding performance into the versatile, all-weather machine.

SUVs typically a two-box design car that looks similar to the station wagon. The upfront engine compartment is followed by a combined passenger/cargo area. Later on, the evolution of this category car forced the manufacturers to discontinue the 2-door model in favor of four-door configuration offering combined passenger/cargo area, unlike sedan.

Robust Body and Appearance 

Good ground clearance and tall body configurations make SUVs prone to roll-over accidents but it is commonly perceived that SUVs provide greater safety for occupant due to large size and raised the height. On the other hand, Concerning safety to others, SUVs are exempted from the condition that a passenger car bumper must have to protect an area between 16 to 20 inches above the ground. Hence, increasing damages to another car in a collision is the only disadvantage associated with SUVs that endangered the long term sustainability of this comfort creature. Capacious interior craftsmanship, strong and robust body on frame chassis along multiple other advantages outweighs the cost.

Lending Credence to SUV Sellers

 The car-like body builds on the truck chassis, inside out robustness and usual four-wheel drive functionality enables it to drive off-road confidently. A broader perspective of SUV covers vehicle built by using body on frame construction, whereas modern-day SUVs are based on a car in uni-body construction offering greater utility better riding experience to the passengers on board. Plus, its ability to deal with rough and muddy terrains and utility as an urban hauler enable it to stand out of the crowd. 

To make soaring super high for people of all ages with varied driving demands, SUVs do come in different sizes offering a different level of specifications. The stock on this site is overflowing with an endless stream of choices for used SUVs for sale in Kenya. Either it is used jeep wrangler, used BMW X3, used Ford Explorer, used Volkswagen Touareg or used Toyota Sequoia; car enthusiasts can easily make their dream come true by making the deal from used SUVs for sale in Kenya without any hassle at a reasonable price range.