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Used Mitsubishi Colt Plus for sale in Kenya

Built To Accommodate City Dwellers: Mitsubishi Colt Plus

Mitsubishi colt Plus is a slightly larger and bigger version of Colt hatchback that has started life in 2004 under the flagship of Colt Plus. New or used Mitsubishi Colt Plus for sale in Kenya is enjoying massive sales success for the redesigned inside out design details and plenty of valuable updates encloses underneath the striking and visually appealing surface. A full gamut of technical and mechanical updates is making it incredibly adequate as well as efficient family hauler on road. 

Key Selling Strength

Soon after the launch, Mitsubishi colt Plus received huge buyer preferences. From dynamic shield styling front, rear tail light, LED taillights and the use of premium quality material make it an ideal comfort creature on road. Interior craftsmanship is made up of features like smart key with push-button start, advanced features for connectivity like GPS, Bluetooth, and HDMI connectivity and an intuitively designed dashboard along very supportive and comfortable seats are available as standard. 

Practical and Safe

Capacious cargo hauling is the key selling strength of Mitsubishi Colt Plus for sale in Kenya. Plenty of storage spaces, ample space for headroom and legroom and several storage spaces are available to deliver very practical hauling experience. Colt plus is a nicely equipped and ergonomically design family hauler that has roomy space for comfortable passenger hauling experience. In addition to this, Colt Plus is rich in terms safety features. Vehicle encloses several active and passive safety amenities like blind-spot monitoring, tire pressure monitoring system, electronic braking and lane departure warning system as standard. Thanks to features integrated inside the case which has been awarded 2-star driver protection rating for safety to this legend. 

Power and Performance

The purchase of new or used Mitsubishi Colt Plus for sale in Kenya promises to deliver an upmarket ride experience to the owners. Vehicle is built to meet or exceed buyer expectation for decent mileage and adequate performance on road. The updated version of Mitsubishi is empowered by 1.4-liter engine producing decent torque and efficient mileage on road. Performance is further enhanced with 7 speed continuously variable transmission, accurate steering, and balanced handling. The vehicle promises to deliver an adequate mileage on road which makes it an ideal family hauler among people keen on mileage and economy. 

Bottom Line

Mitsubishi Colt Plus for sale in Kenya is big version of the Mitsubishi Colt. Its deluxe, bold and beautiful outward appearance, spacious cargo area and plenty of features and functionalities inside the case are making it incredibly adequate for families. Used Mitsubishi colt Plus price in Kenya ranges between KES 200,000 to KES 230,000. The vehicle in its used iteration is also capable to keep brand promises great efficiency, economy, and surprising agility. 

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