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Used Mitsubishi Galant Fortis for sale in Kenya

The Honorable and Courteous Mitsubishi Galant Fortis

Mitsubishi Galant Fortis is a car designed and developed to accommodate the daily riving needs of Japanese haulers in 1969. The vehicle was discontinued in favors of more refined and updated motoring beasts, but it was a highly recommended and warmly welcomed motoring legend under the flagship. The word Galant was derived from the French word “Galant” which means “chivalrous”. The vehicle started life as a compact sedan and evolved into a mid-size car. It has successfully covered nine iterations and reaped massive sales success to the brand. Even used Mitsubishi Gallant Fortis for sale is a highly recommended choice among potential car buyers of Mitsubishi. 

Versatile and Flexible

Mitsubishi Galant Fortis for sale in Kenya is available in several trim choices, each offering a different set of features and functionalities. The range of trim choices includes exceeding, super exceed, sport and the Ralliart. The Exceed equipped with steel wheel, fabric interior, remote central locking, electric windows, and antilock brakes as standard. On the other hand super exceed for example features alloy wheels, 2-cylinder turbocharged engine, electronic stability control and much more as standard. In short, Mitsubishi Galant Fortis for sale is well-equipped and features rich to meet or exceed buyer expectations. 

Uncompromising Safety Standard

It is impossible to beat Mitsubishi cars for safety standards. Mitsubishi Galant Fortis for sale is also an efficient and agile motoring beast that instills a great sense of confidence, thrill, and excitement among people on board. Plenty of safety-enhancing aspects includes features like airbags, front driver and passenger airbags, adaptive front-lighting system and four-wheel drive functionality as standard. in addition to this safety is further enhanced with features like electronic stability control, anti-lock braking and much more is available as standard.

Powerful yet Controlled 

Ever since the launch, Mitsubishi Galant Fortis for sale has gone through several design changes and feature upgrades. The vehicle in its ninth iteration is powered by four-cylinder 2.4-liter engine producing decent torque and efficient mileage. Further performance-enhancing aspects like alloy wheels, firm suspensions, accurate steering, and balanced handling are allowing it to accelerate efficiently and conveniently. 

Efficient and Economical 

Whether it is new or used Mitsubishi Gallant Fortis for sale in Kenya, the vehicle is easy to ride and maneuver on tight parking spaces because of size adequacy, engine efficiency and plenty of decent driving dimensions. The extremely efficient engine promises to deliver a comfortable and controlled ride. Plenty of electric dashes and control along CVT six-speed transmission make it feel sporty on road. The vehicle in its used iteration is as luxurious, fun and engaging to ride as the vehicle in its used iteration. Used Mitsubishi Galant Fortis price in Kenya is reasonable and ranges between KES 300,000 to KES 400,000. 

Bottom Line

Used Mitsubishi Galant Fortis for sale in Kenya and other parts of the world is highly recommended motoring solution. The vehicle with powerful engine, transmission, high safety specifications, all-wheel-drive functionality, and several other optional extras is ruling over the heads and hearts of people. 

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