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Used Subaru Forester For sale In Kenya 

Subaru Forester: A Solid Compact and Competent SUV

Subaru Forester is a hardworking, quite sensible and appealing candidate that started life in 1997. Soon after the launch the vehicle success managed to stand out for the distinctively designed exterior and genuine interior. It is a great utility car and a solid compact SUV that is reaping massive sales success for the rigid and reliable outward appearance and class-apart ranking for reliability. 

Key Selling Strengths

In an effort to meet or exceed buyer expectations, this four-wheel-drive vehicle is offering rugged styling, sturdy outlook and curvaceous body that are attractive, appealing as well as reliable. 

Each alternate is rich in terms of features and functionalities and exclusively built to deliver an outstanding ride experience. 

Get inside the case to have ample space for headroom and legroom, ergonomically designed dashboard, reshaped center console, advanced features for connectivity and a straight forward stereo with four speakers as standard. 

Versatility is an ace card for the sales success of new or used Subaru Forester for sale in Kenya. There is a choice between three engines and four trim choices including XE, XE Premium, XT, XC, and XC premium. 

There is a choice between three power derivatives which include 1.2-liter petrol, 2.0-liter diesel and 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine producing decent torque and efficient mileage.

Fuel economy and mileage efficiency vary depending on the engine choice but an array of decent driving dimensions enclosed inside the case are making it an efficient beast. 

Thanks to car-like handling, manual gearbox and continuously variable transmission along symmetrical four wheels drive system as standard. 

In addition to this, the vehicle is reaping huge sales success and an overhaul market reputation for offering great peace of mind throughout the journey. Through engineering capability and well-built interior encloses plenty of advances that ensure great peace of mind. 

Features like an array of eight airbags, autonomous emergency braking systems, adaptive cruise control, and electronic stability control are available as standard to ensure safe hauling. The Subaru’s Eyesight driver assistance technology is the key selling strength of this car. 

In addition to this, the touring trim is termed as the first Subaru vehicle that encloses Subaru DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation system, start/stop functionality and much more. 

Ever since the launch, Subaru has received several awards and accolades for being an efficient, appealing and economic beast available at reasonable buying and running cost. 

Used Subaru price in Kenya is reasonable for its class apart ranking as an extremely, efficient, safe and economical motoring unit on road. 


Opting for used Subaru Forester for sale in Kenya is a smart and sensible choice. This iconic motoring beast is spacious, well built and a quite dependable vehicle. It’s no-frill practicality, tones of grip and solidly constructed outward appearance along bulletproof reliability and excellent visibility are allowing it to be at the forefront of buyer shopping list. Used Subaru Forester price is Kenya against premium hauling experience is reasonable. 

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