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Used Subaru Trezia for sale in Kenya    

Subaru Trezia: An Ace Card under Subaru Flagship

Subaru Trezia is a minivan that looks quite reminiscent of the Toyota verso-S. The vehicle started life as the successor of Subaru Justy, but it encloses plenty of features and functionalities that make it famous among potential Subaru buyers. The nomenclature “Trezia” is derived from the English word treasure, therefore, it is termed as an ace card for sales success of the brand. It is cheap and not particularly practical mini MPV, but equipped with plenty of amenities that make it ideal candidate among efficiency and economy seekers. Even used Subaru Trezia for sale in Kenya is reaping high sales success for being bold, beautiful and a great utility vehicle on road. 

Vehicle Overview

Subaru Trezia made its public debut in 2010 and started life as joint development of alliance between Subaru and Toyota. It started life as a city car in 5-door hatchback configuration that seems compact and competent family hauler in appearance. in addition to the size adequacy, which makes it easy to ride and maneuver over tight parking spaces, decent interior space offers a commodious area for accommodation to people on board. 

Practical and Versatile

Subaru Trezia for sale in Kenya is exclusively designed to deal with large family hauling needs. Therefore, the vehicle encloses commodious and practical inside space with plenty of features and functionalities. There are four trim choices under the flagship including I, L, S and Type Euro, each offering a different set of amenities and practicalities to ensure an outstanding ride experience.  The inside space of Subaru Trezia is rich in terms of technologies. 

Great Passenger Protection

Used Subaru Trezia interior is hosting a full gamut of safety enhancing aspects like keyless entry, airbags, cruise control, power windows, power door and remote control key system along several other features and functionalities comes in as standard. Used Subaru Trezia for sale is gaining massive sales success for plenty of amenities aligned to deliver an outstanding ride experience at reasonable buying and running cost.

An Efficient Family Hauler

Subaru engineers put great emphasize on efficient drivability and the outstanding performance of a vehicle on road. Almost all cars are made up of rigid and reliable body structure and promise to deliver an efficient and appealing ride experience to people on board. Used Subaru Trezia for sale in Kenya is one of those high performing units; the vehicle is empowered by two 4-cylinder engines producing decent torque and efficient mileage. 1.4-liter turbo diesel engine returns good mileage with low carbon footprints that make it an ideal candidate among family hauler and economy seekers. 


Used Subaru Trezia for sale in Kenya is an efficient beast among family hauler and economy seekers. Its size adequacy to mileage efficiency and capability to meet or exceed buyer expectations enable it to take the lead among masses. Used Subaru Trezia price in Kenya and it is a bold and beautiful equipped interior with an array of attributes is justifying cost.