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Used Volkswagen Jetta for sale in Kenya

Volkswagen Jetta: Exclusively Made for Dreamers

Volkswagen Jetta is an ultimate motoring solution that is designed and developed to shift the motoring spirit of family haulers in the next gear. The vehicle under honorable flagship started life back in 1979 as a compact family car. Soon after the launch, it successfully gains massive sales success all over the world. Even used Volkswagen for sale in Kenya is a highly preferred alternate for the economy seekers and family-oriented buyers. It is exclusively built to accommodate the car enthusiasts and the motor geeks. 

What Makes Jetta A Family Hauler?

Two and four-door saloon/sedan body and the five-door wagon/estate version of Volkswagen Jetta make it an ideal candidate for family-oriented buyers. 

It has covered several iterations and marketed as the top-selling unit under the honorable flagship of Volkswagen for the number of advances and technology updates enclosed inside the case. 

Ever since the launch, its designed tweaks, adequate size, and incredibly adequate mileage are making it an efficient family hauler in its class. 

Used Volkswagen Jetta for sale in Kenya is available in several trim choices including S, SE, R-LINE, SEL, and SEL Premium. The trim choices are named as comfort line, Highline and exec line in Canada. All variants are known for offering an extensive list of features and functionalities. For example, multi-link rear independent suspension is common in all. 

What Makes Its Safe A Home?

Whether it is new or used Volkswagen Jetta for sale in Kenya, the vehicle is known for offering a considerable amount of features for safety and convenience. 

Mexican built structure, robust and reliable outward appearance and the use of premium quality fit and finish have helped it to gain 5 stars Latin NCAP ranking for both adult and passenger protection. 

There is a full gamut of features and functionalities to ensure great passenger protection and great peace of mind as an added bonus. 

Safety features like airbags, crash response system, tire pressure monitoring system, stability-enhancing system, blind-spot monitoring and the adaptive cruise control all come in as standard. 

In addition to this, the use of high quality fit and finish and the features like light assist, lane assist and the rear cross-traffic alert with several other safety-enhancing aspects are available to deliver great passenger protection. 

What Makes It An Efficient And High Performing Legend?

Volkswagen Jetta in its new or used iteration is empowered by a very efficient and high performing engine along decent driving dimensions. 

The 1.8-liter turbocharged TSI inline four-cylinder gasoline engine discontinued in favor of 1.4-liter turbocharged TSI four-cylinder engines. 

Under the hood body also encloses several decent driving dimensions and driver assistance amenities as standard to ensure an efficient hauling experience on road.

The 1.4-liter TSI turbocharged engine promises to deliver an adequate mileage that makes it an efficient as well as economical family hauler on road. 

Used Volkswagen Jetta price in Kenya is reasonable and the vehicle in its used iteration is available in good condition. 

Bottom Line

Volkswagen Jetta for sale in Kenya let the owner of the vehicle enjoy the moments of love and happiness together. This bold and beautiful family hauler is also a practical as well as efficient beast. The vehicle is enjoying massive sales success for the number of advances enclosed inside the case. An extremely efficient engine and a full gamut of driver assistance amenities are aligned to deliver an upmarket ride experience on road.