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Used Volkswagen Golf Variant for sale in Kenya

Built To Accommodate City Dwellers: Volkswagen Golf Variant

Volkswagen Golf variant is an efficient beast manufactured and marketed by Volkswagen. The vehicle is designed and developed to accommodate the daily driving needs of car enthusiasts and family haulers. From top to bottom, every inch of the design details and plenty of features and functionalities inside the case are enabling it to take the lead as the class leader. Under the honorable flagship of Volkswagen golf variant estate the vehicle has covered five iterations, each offering distinct features and functionalities. Used Volkswagen golf variant for sale in Kenya is also designed and developed on the basis of traditional design philosophy of the brand.


This efficient and agile motoring beast is a highly preferred alternative among potential Volkswagen buyers. The vehicle is enjoying massive sales success for its own reasons. New or used Volkswagen golf variant for sale in Kenya receives a huge number of admiring glances for its appearance and efficiency on road. The vehicle has gone through several generational changes and enjoying massive sales success for being sophisticated, agile and the most refined alternate for family hauling activities.

Generational History

Ever since the launch, the Volkswagen golf variant for sale in Kenya received several design tweaks and feature upgrades.

Volkswagen Golf III ESTATE

This variant was launched to compete with Volkswagen Passat. It was much awaited and warmly welcomed the motoring unit that gains massive sales success for being sophisticated and surprisingly agile family hauler. Excellent space utilization and the integration of plenty of features and functionalities along the choice between extremely efficient engine options allow it to reap huge sales success all over the world.

Volkswagen Golf IV Variant

Technical and mechanical updates in this updated version raised the game up for Volkswagen. The vehicle started life in 1999 and discontinued in 2006. The sedan configuration and class-apart performance efficiency is the key selling strength of this variant. Vehicle encloses the choice between 1.4-liter four cylinders and 2.0-liter diesel, 1.9-liter SDI and 1.9 TDI engine as standard. The range also encloses plenty of models with a different set of features and functionalities as standard.

Golf Bora Variant

The golf Bora variant is another luxurious and keenly designed motoring unit. The vehicle encloses an extensive range of features and functionalities along with a slightly different range of engines. The range of power derivatives enclosed inside the case includes the choice between gasoline and diesel engine variants. In short, the Bora variants under the flagship of used Volkswagen golf variant for sale in Kenya is representing a unique combination between luxury and economy.


The vehicle has gone through several design changes and features upgrades. Other than the above-mentioned models several other technically well equipped and visually appealing variants joined the range. Volkswagen vehicles are enjoying an overhaul market reputation for being deluxe, bold and beautiful, and the used Volkswagen golf variant is one of those well equipped and efficient motoring solutions. Used Volkswagen golf variant price in Kenya is another factor influencing buyers to opt for this efficient family hauler.