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Toyota Vitz 2016/6
Toyota Vitz 2016/6

FOB: USD 5,000
FOB: KES 650,000
StockID: 35778
Toyota Vitz 2016/5
Toyota Vitz 2016/5


FOB: USD 4,800
FOB: KES 624,000
StockID: 35060
Toyota Vitz 2016/8
Toyota Vitz 2016/8


FOB: USD 5,000
FOB: KES 650,000
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Used Toyota Vitz for Sale In Kenya 

An Astute Aspirant: Toyota Vitz

Toyota cars, through enduring reliability, inoffensive styling, sophisticated interior, and outstanding performance, are perfectly illustrating the key selling strengths of the brand. Toyota Vitz for sale is one of those key players among industry rivals that have reaped huge sales success. Its elegant chic like appearance and great performance efficiency, also allowed it to manage the traditional key selling strengths of the brand. Even used Toyota Vitz for sale in Kenya is a highly recommended commuting option among people with growing families. 

Elegant And Attractive 

Toyota Vitz for sale in Kenya is a hot, elegant and attractive ute. This practical hatchback in cheerful appearance is designed to bring thrill and excitement in mundane urban driving experiences. The choice between three and five-door configuration and the four-wheel-drive functionality gave it innate potential to surpass the competition.  Features like daytime running lights, revised rear design and smart integration of qualified engineering expertise are making remarkable addition in dynamic appearance and functionality of this surprisingly agile and unique silhouette. Size adequacy with great emphasize on enriching the user experience is also a key selling strength of new or used Vitz for sale in Kenya. 

Safe and Secure

Passenger protection and a great sense of security are the primary traits of Toyota cars. Toyota Vitz, as an efficient player among industry rivals, has all the ingredients necessary to raise mobility standards. Vitz interior is encapsulating features like airbags, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, ABS with power steering, central locking, power door locks and much more as standard to ensure a safe and sound mobility experience.  Use of premium quality fit and finish, structural rigidity and a decent warranty acclaim it to last long. 

Efficient and Agile

It is really hard to imitate Toyota for outstanding performance and surprising agility. Toyota Vitz enjoys an overhaul market reputation for offering a unique mixture of functionality and practicality at a low cost. The choice between 1.0-liter, 1.3-liter and 1.5-liter engine options returning decent toque output and decent driving dimensions are standard. Performance is further enhanced with the choice between a five-speed manual and continuously variable transmission making remarkable contribution in efficiency and economy. Besides engine and mileage, Toyota Vitz is famous for responsiveness and surprising agility. Balanced handling, responsive and accurate steering and an ergonomically design dashboard are available to deliver a better mobility experience.  

Bottom Line 

Following the traditional selling strengths of Toyota, Vitz has established itself as the most dynamic as well as an efficient player among industry rivals. Its broad design appeal, key attributes, and potential customer base is enabling it to gain an edge over rivals in highly competitive markets. Quality, performance, design, and safety are the key consideration in car shopping and these are the key focused areas of Toyota Vitz. Hence, opting for new or used Toyota Vitz for sale in Kenya is a good value for money alternate. 

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