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Used Toyota Corolla for sale in Kenya

Toyota Corolla: Perfect Panoply of Toyota's Brand Virtues

Best-looking comfort creature, best-selling badge under the flagship, highly refined iteration and what not. Toyota corolla owners have a lot to brag about their corolla because opting for Toyota corolla is no longer confined to an alternate assisting people for mobility. It is more like a status symbol, an indicator of personality or a perfect road companion that is built to ensure an efficient mobility experience. Either it is new or used corolla for sale in Kenya, the vehicle as a trail-blazer is demonstrating the Toyota's attempt to prioritize good looks and decent handling above all else. 

A Decent Compact Car

Ever since the launch, Toyota corolla has successfully reaped huge sales success for offering the perfect combination of practicality and economy. exquisite design details highlight the vehicle is beautifully designed to deliver an efficient mobility experience. from 16-inch alloy wheels to the front and rear mudguards, wireless door locks, front fog lamps, and colored electric rearview mirrors are arranged in a quite distinct and appealing fashion. Get inside to feel the pleasing atmosphere inside the car. features like multi-information display, power window, leather steering, and leather upholstery are available as standard.  

Serene and Extravagant

Used Toyota Corolla for sale in Kenya is a great choice for people covering long distances with friends and family. The feature-rich inside space has the potential to let people make this ride as exciting as possible by sharing moments of love and happiness. Besides spaciousness, a feature like electrically adjustable lumbar support, DAB radio, USB and Bluetooth connectivity along six speakers stereo is standard on almost all corolla models. The use of premium quality fit and finish is another key selling strength of corolla. Use of soft-touch material lending plush look and feel leather upholstery is giving it an edge over an already established player in the industry.  

A Performance like a Bread Winner

Toyota Corolla is the perfect panoply of brand values. From performance to agility and unique fashion statement the vehicle is rich in terms of all features and functionalities. Ever since the launch, the vehicle has gone through several design details and features upgrades. Power train enclosed under the hood is also evolved to accommodate modern-day driving needs. There is a choice between hybrid and petrol engine both producing decent torque output and decent mileage. Thanks to the balanced steering, soft suspension, and features for driver assistance to deliver an outstanding ride experience. 

Bottom Line 

Toyota Corolla for sale in Kenya is an efficient and refined family hauler that is rich in terms of resources to deliver an upmarket ride experience. from well equipped and feature-rich interior to the efficient engine producing decent torque output and great mileage economy, everything is aligned to make it accelerate efficiently. The vehicle is unique in terms of great passenger protection and refined ride experience available at reasonable running and buying cost. 

StockID: 34130
Toyota  2022/7
Toyota 2022/7


FOB: USD 99,000
FOB: KES 12,870,000