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Used Honda Vezel for sale in Kenya

What Influence The Purchase Of Honda Vezel?

The automotive industry is an overcrowded place where auto giants are engaged in tough rivalry to take the lead. Honda Vezel is one of those adequate and appealing motoring legends that has potential to attract the admiring glances on road. it is a compact SUV that is known for commodious space, extreme engine efficiency and outstanding interior opulence. The vehicle is smart panoply of Honda’s brand values and a seminal illustration of creativity, agility, and economy in the motoring world.

Model Overview

The Honda Vezel is termed and marketed as a subcompact car that is designed and developed under the honorable flagship of Honda. With an objective to revive the name of Honda hr-v, the vehicle made its public debut in 2013. Though it a Japanese creature but thanks to the feature and functionalities for making an ultimate choice in other markets including Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia, and Canada. The overall design philosophy of Honda Vezel is based on Urban SUV concept of the car and term Vezel is coined from Bezel. 

Power And Performance

People are yearning to possess Honda Vezel for its ability to accelerate with agility and return decent mileage at low running costs. used Honda Vezel for sale in Kenya is available with two power trains including a conventional gasoline engine and a hybrid electric car. The conventional gasoline power train is equipped with 1.5-liter direct injection DOHC i-VTEC engine. In addition to this, there is continuously variable transmission, front engine and all-wheel drive functionality playing substantial role in performance and mileage. On one hand the hybrid version promises to deliver 27.0km/l, whereas the gasoline unit delivers 20.6 km/l mileage.

Key Selling Strengths

The Honda Vezel for sale in Kenya is a mini SUV that is compact in appearance. Its size and rigid body structure make it an ideal choice among keen drivers. Enthralling and exciting inside out design details and the exterior dimensions make it easy to haul on narrow lanes and tight parking spaces. Get inside to enjoy the same spirit, thrill, and excitement enclosed inside the belly of the beast. Leather upholstery, ample space for headroom and legroom and several ergonomically designed dashes and controls are few key selling strengths of this comfort creature.

Safety And Comfort

Its small size and lightweight external appearance along 17-inch alloy wheels and plenty of other features and functionalities allow it to look good. A long wheelbase and commodious inside space, ample space for headroom and legroom are standard. Used Honda Vezel for sale in Kenya indicates that Honda engineers have dedicated much effort and expertise inbuilt an extremely comfortable and an economical motoring unit. Thanks to the crumple zone, airbags, ABS, EBD, and BA for making new or used Honda Insight for sale in Kenya the safest place for both drivers as well as passengers. In addition to this there are seatbelts and plenty of other safety-enhancing features that allow it to accelerate efficiently.  Its light appearance but rigidity and the use of high-quality fit and finish make it last longer. 

Bottom Line

New or used Honda Vezel is termed as a small minivan or a modern vehicle designed to accommodate the family of four in extreme comfort, convenience, and practicality.

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