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Toyota Sienta 2015/8
Toyota Sienta 2015/8

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Used MPV Cars for Sale in Kenya

Used MPV Cars: Sheer Mobility and Efficient Practicality

MPV, which stands for “multi-purpose vehicle”, is predominantly a European Phenomenon. Soon after the launch, type MPV gain popularity as a people carrier and successfully accommodated the needs of family haulers in several territories of America, Europe, and Asia. Even MPV used cars for sale in Kenya has high preferences among masses for the spacious cargo capacity and capacious passenger handling area.  

There is a common misconception that the MPV market is losing out to SUV, posing a menace to long term sustainability of MPVs but this claim is groundless. Though the MPV segment has been under attack for years, skyrocketing sales volume and it has eclipsed the category of people carriers.


The Volkswagen Type 2 also marketed as "Hippie Van" is the first MPV which made its public debut in 1960. Spectators and family haulers found it an incredibly adequate family-hauling motoring legend that was designed as a triumph card to modern-day MPV. Three rows seats along with forward-facing seats, sliding passenger doors, and top-hinged rear tailgate are few basic hallmarks of modern-day MPVs.

The Hallmarks of Modern-day MPVs

Van based MPV segment gained huge popularity that is beyond expectations. As a genuine alternative to conventional cars, the MPVs enclose a raft of luxuries and arguably offer huge space for better value. Sheer practicality, versatile and flexible interior craftsmanship and a reasonable running cost are key selling strength of the vehicles in this category. 

Since they are large in appearance and have a full gamut of amenities offering great passenger protection, therefore, have minimal chances of injury in time of the collision. Increased insurance cost is the only disadvantage associated with MPV segment but the advantages outweigh increased insurance cost and that is incredible. In short, MPV for sale in Kenya is the most practical alternative offering better value for money in functional packages to Kenyans who value practicality and functionality over form factor. 

Highly Preferred Among Mainstream Manufacturer

Best used MPVs for sale and the modern-day vehicle in this category are known for transporting a large number of people in extreme safety and comfort. As these workhorses are taller than average family saloons, therefore, a large luggage area and ample space for headroom and legroom are must-have attributes. The comparison of MPVs vs. SUVs for sale in Kenya suggests, MPVs are slightly shorter concerning body size and features a short aerodynamically shaped hood. MPVs do come in different size offering a different set of amenities.

High seating, huge windows, raised roofline and plenty of interior space-enhancing comfort, as well as practicality and easy accessibility, are few noteworthy aspects influencing mainstream manufacturer to step into this category of cars. The Renault Scenic, Volkswagen Touran, Citroën C4 Picasso, BMW 2 Series Active Tourer / Gran Tourer and Mercedes-Benz B-Class are top of the list MPVs gaining high preferences among family haulers.  

Here at Blauda, stock is full of best-used MPVs for sale in Kenya at a reasonable price range that is truly immersive for car enthusiasts with growing families.