1. This campaign is valid for Kenya only.

2. Referral must be Unique (Not registered with Blauda). Reward will not be given if the referral is already registered.

3. Referrer qualifies for Reward once a purchase is made from the Referral.

4. Duplication of referral will lead to direct disqualification from the Campaign.

5. Reward payment can be made in Cash or in Client Blauda Account.

6. If 100% deposit paid both the parties(Referrer & Referral) will qualify for Reward.

7. The Reward is not transferable.

8. Referrer or Referral will not be allowed to Register New consignee under them.

9. No limits for the referrals. You will be eligible for Reward on every Unique referrals not number of units.

10. Reward will be awarded solely on merit and upon Blauda panel Approval.

11. Blauda reserves full rights to disqualify any party without prejudice.